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PostSubject: - The FAQ -   - The FAQ - EmptyMon Feb 22, 2010 6:06 pm

What is this place, anyway?
What a wonderful question, hypothetical person. This is Beta Finder, the second incarnation of Liv's old beta forum. It was founded to bring writers and betas together in a more organized manner.

What are the advantages of signing up as a member?
By becoming a member, you have full posting privileges. If you are a writer, this means you can advertise your fanfiction, and find a wonderful beta to help you make it nice and shiny and better written. If you are a beta, you can find yourself a writer to help out by either trolling the forums, or becoming a Recognized Beta. Click here for more info on becoming an RB.

Why are there divisions of betas on this site?
So many of us here are writers. I know back in the day when I was looking for someone to help me, I could never really find anyone with decent skills, let alone find a central list of people.'s 6k word minimum on being a registered beta has not kept many people I know from having horrible luck finding someone to edit. The reason I came up with the idea of having the Recognized Betas (RB's) is so that the site community could easily sort through people who are a bit less committed to the craft, and those who took 30 minutes to become one.

How do I get a forum for my fandom?
Don't see your fandom on the main page? Hate being in the Misc forum? If you think there is enough of a representation of fans here, click over to the Suggestions forum and simply start a thread. Get a few people to vote, or convince the admin she's blindingly stupid for not including it, and it will be added.
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- The FAQ -
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