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 So, you wanna be a (insert position thingy)

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So, you wanna be a (insert position thingy) Empty
PostSubject: So, you wanna be a (insert position thingy)   So, you wanna be a (insert position thingy) EmptyMon Feb 22, 2010 5:52 pm

There are only two positions on this site that applications are needed for, but this may expand with time as the site grows. Right now it's a pretty easy process, simply because we are looking for members. But as time goes on, there will be a standard to be met.

So, you wanna be a MODERATOR.
First, send an email or PM to Liv (me). I will let you know if you've made the cut. As long as you are: a responsible forum member, older than two weeks, with a post count above 30, you shouldn't have much to worry about. There are exceptions to the above standards, so if you feel you fit the bill, feel free to apply. Please include in the email or pm which forum you would like to become mod of.

So, you wanna be a RECOGNIZED BETA.
These are the people this forum is built on. Those who have earned this title are able to advertise their services in their own thread in the Advertising Centre forum, and are listed in master lists for each fandom. Please send me an email or pm explaining why you would like to have this title. This opening statement is 90% of the game. "Haiiii, i wanna beta!!1!" really isn't going to do it for me. I don't need to know your fandoms, or your editing process, I simply need to know a little more about you. When did you start beta'ing? Why? Please include some tidbit about the weather, to let me know you've read this and actually took the time to be creative.

If I agree with you, I'll ask for some more info and have you listed as on probation. Once you have beta'd at least one fic through this site, and have a positive review on your thread in the Advertising Centre forum, you will be a fully recognized beta. Alternatively, you can link me to a fic with you being credited as a beta and will then be promoted to full beta. The advantages of jumping through all these hoops are having higher viability in the community, having a shiny title, and being able to show potential writer partners your track record of awesomeness.
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So, you wanna be a (insert position thingy)
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